:: Season 2002/2003 :: Champions League :: 29.10.2002 :: Stadium Delle Alpi ::

Juventus - Feyenoord 2-0 [1-0]


:: Away Stand just before kick-off, here the lower stand ::
:: The middle, second ring, of the Away Stand ::
:: The upper, third ring, of the Away Stand ::
:: Nice shirt Patrick [replaced Zoetebier in the 2nd half] ::
:: Juve Fans next to the Away Stand, incl. ADO Den Haag [allied with parts of Juventus groups] scarf Showing Off ::
:: 'Where-may-I-hang-my-IRRUDICIBILY-flag'. 'Not-here, Not there. Not Anywhere' for 90 min. ::
"Juventus second largest supportergroup "Irriducibili Vallette" do not exist anymore after they dissolved themselves in 2002. "Irriducibili Vallette" were placed in La Curva Nord at the other end of the stadium from where "Fighters" are placed. "Irriducibili Vallette" were founded in 1990 and were a very organized supportergroup. They came from Vallette which is a place in Turin. In january'98 they replaced "Viking" and took over the leadership in La Curva Nord. The troubles for Irriducibili started in the 2001-2002 season when they criticised both Lippi and the squad for their poor results early in the season. Juventus then refused to give them tickets to away games and the atmosphere got tense. They later managed to make peace with Lippi, but refused to speak more with the club and vice versa. After many problems "Irriducibili Vallette" do not exist anymore. It's a big shame because they were doing a very good job and Juventus had huge support from both ends of the stadium." Read more here ::

:: Reactions from the second ring to the continuos provocating Juve fans ::
:: ...and an invitation by SCF/FIIIR in the 2nd half to 'talk' things over outside
made them shut up for the rest of the match ::

:: 'Thanks' both ways ::
:: Of course waiting inside the stadium at the End ::
:: Leaving the Stadium after about half an hour ::

We had the chances to leave the impressive stadium Delle Alpi with at least a draw, but it was not meant to be. Though Feyenoord worked hard, Juventus just did it and scored 2 times [free pizza for the referee?] About 2.500 Feyenoord Fanatics were present at Torino to Support.

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